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Sea freight is a long-established, economical way to transport your goods internationally. It is often the preferred transportation method among our clients, particularly when time is not an issue.

Sea freight, or ocean freight, is not only an option for large companies. Small businesses with smaller shipment sizes can also take advantage of the cost-effectiveness of transportation via sea.

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Always one step ahead

90% of the world’s trade is done via seaborne trade, thanks to its obvious economic advantages. However, one strong disadvantage of sea freight is that it takes a relatively long time for goods to be received (in comparison to alternative transportation methods).

That’s why we believe in always being one step ahead – so your end receiver has their goods prior to when they’re most needed (such as peak season).

We work closely with our clients to understand your schedule and ensure sea freight shipments are delivered on time. We work backwards from your necessary delivery date, providing an accurate expected shipment schedule. This allows our clients to make adjustments to the production and preparation of goods as need.

We understand the disasters that can occur when details are overlooked. Delayed shipments and unstable shipment times can lead to delayed production, inventory issues, and more. That’s why we do everything we can to  ensure your goods are transported in a timely manner, arranging even the smallest details well in advance of shipment — guaranteed.

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